One Woman Kitchen

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When celebrated chef, author, journalist, and philanthropist Rozanne Gold conceived a brand refresh in honor of her 40 year anniversary as the first (and youngest) chef at Gracie Mansion, she sought our help to curate and reimagine her vast multimedia archival collection in a creative presentation updating her prolific voice, storied career, and visual identity for a modern day audience.

A four-time winner of the prestigious James Beard Award, Ms. Gold is the author of thirteen cookbooks and more than six hundred articles about food, trends and dining culture. She has written and produced stories for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and numerous national publications. She has cooked for presidents, prime ministers, and many other dignitaries worldwide and been at the forefront of the most notable culinary trends of the last four decades.  

Rozanne's perspective as a pioneering female chef in a largely male-dominated industry presented a unique opportunity for her to tell her story in a brand new hybrid memoir-cookbook presentation for the modern culinary landscape, inspire future female chefs, and build new worldwide audience engagement.

Seizing the momentum of today's feminist movements, we worked closely with Rozanne and her team to uncover cultural narratives in her extensive cookbook and recipe catalogue, curating and creating content for the book that is unique, distinguishable, and appealing to both the book’s baby boomer and Gen Z demographics.  

Beginning with a comprehensive survey and over a series of strategy sessions, we analyzed the full scope of Rozanne’s archival content across all touchpoints: past publications, video, photography, artwork and text, as well as researching similar representative archival content to identify core principles and stories to inform Rozanne’s legacy.  

We researched broad mainstream market potential and crafted a creative strategy to reintroduce and connect Rozanne's achievements and knowledge to a contemporary culinary audience, redefining her brand name as a legacy artist and influencer who paved the way for today's female chefs to succeed.

We unearthed and assembled a bank of enticing, marketable content highlighting Rozanne’ story and key brand messaging, developed and applied this content through a transmedia book mockup presentation and proposal (currently out for review) showcasing curated images and text capturing the spirit of Rozanne’s work that is playful, elegant and visually rich We developed a production plan and identified creative partnerships including prominent modern day media platforms and chefs for renewed relevance,  researched, recruited, and coordinated partners including related experts in culinary and cultural history, photographers, and print designers, and identified contributors of supporting text and visual materials

The principles we uncovered inform a unified approach spanning all products and communications including the book, website, social media content and Rozanne’s podcast “One Woman Kitchen,” leveraging her materials to generate value through the development of new media platforms and media attention.