Father Daughter Art Project

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Visionary creative Alison Fleminger, Director of the Performance Project at University Settlement in NYC sought to explore the genesis of her creative philosophy in relationship to her father Irwin Fleminger’s creative legacy; As an artist and illustrator, the late Irwin Fleminger had a long and versatile career. He achieved international recognition for his abstract expressionist, surrealist and still life paintings, illustrations, and his work in toy product`design..

As a community builder helping today's creative practitioners succeed, Alison has been honing a valuable archive of Irwin’s primary art material including his artwork, books, poetry, memorabilia, articles and related ephemera.

We worked with Alison to strategize her positioning as a creative director, program curator, NYC based artist, and daughter of an artist, exploring various touchpoints. The resulting creative concepts will allow her to tell Irwin's story in an innovative way through her own artistic vision, while incorporating issues critical to her own time with her contemporary art world and colleagues today.

Alison’s anticipated work - a book and exhibition in process - will bridge generations and invite new audience engagement with the work, allowing audiences to experience Irwin’s art in a new context and leverage the value of the archives to provide Allison a space to share her voice in Irwin's legacy as it connects to and enhances her story and community based work.

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